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Take a Load off Your Feet at Access Health Services Ltd.

Staff Available for All Your Foot Care Needs

In addition to our many home care services, Access Health Services Ltd. also provides foot care services for all your needs. Our nurses will:

  • Assess for developing abnormalities & discuss a care plan
  • Provide a soothing foot soak
  • Provide nail care (cutting, filing, etc.) aimed at promoting comfort & function
  • Remove sources of irritation, such as corns & calluses
  • Reduce complications, such as ingrown, packed or fungal nails
  • Provide client education to prevent further health & foot problems
  • Provide foot massages
  • Make referrals for special foot care (if needed)

Have You Ever Thought This Before?

  • I want to manage my own foot care, but can’t see well enough.
  • I can’t reach my toes easily enough to cut my own nails.
  • My nails are too thick to cut.
  • I have painful corns and calluses and don’t know what to do.

Follow-Up Care Recommended Every 4-6 Weeks

If you agree with any of the above statements, contact us to learn more about our in-home appointments or to schedule an appointment in our office. There are no stairs to climb in our office, and we offer easy parking. We recommend follow-up care every 4-6 weeks, based upon your individual needs as discussed with your foot care nurse.

Did You Know?

  • It’s estimated that during your lifetime, your feet will have walked enough miles to have traveled around the world nearly five times!
  • About a quarter of all the bones in the human body are located in your feet
  • 85% of the population have some sort of foot-related problems
trimming toenails
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